GORP for Birds

GORP will attract birds that would normally be attracted to suet.


       4 cups Cornmeal

       1 cup flour

       1 cup Oatmeal

       1 cup bird seed

       1 cup raisins

       2 cups Peanut butter

       2 cups Vegetable shortening


1.   Mix dry ingredients in small bowl.

2.   Put peanut butter and shortening in large bowl.

3.   Heat peanut butter and shortening 30 seconds in microwave.

4.   Mix peanut butter and shortening.

5.   Add dry ingredients to large bowl and mix.

6.   Put handful (4-5 oz) of GORP in Fold-Top sandwich bag.

7.   Mold into one half of a suet container and set aside.

8.   Stack finished bags of GORP in refrigerator or freezer.

9.   Makes ten half bags or five full bags of GORP that will fit in a suet feeder.


Recipe by David Nation 5/19/2021