James Vaughan

Biography of James Vaughan from the Book Biographical and Historical Sketches of Black Hawk County, Iowa, 1886:

"James Vaughan, one of Lincoln Township's leading agriculturists, has been a resident of this county since 1869. In that year he settled on the farm where he still makes his home, and which he has converted from the naked prairie land into one of the largest and best improved farms in this part of Black Hawk County. It contains 820 acres of land all in one body, 182 acres being located on section 7, Eagle Township, and the rest on section 12, Lincoln Township. Mr. Vaughan was born in Monmouthshire, Wales November 6, 1831, he being the seventh of a family of ten children of James and Catherine Vaughan. He left his native country at the age of eighteen years, coming to America. He first went to Philadelphia, thence to Hamilton County, Ohio, where he was employed as a farm laborer for three years. In 1850 his parents immigrated to America with their children,, they locating in Hamilton County, Ohio, where the father died of cholera two weeks after reaching their destination. The mother survived her husband until 1871, when she died in Henderson County, Illinois. Of their children Mary, the eldest, died in Wales; Catherine lives in Wales; Rachel died in infancy; Rachel, named after her deceased sister, is living in Indiana; George died in Waterloo this county, in 1883; Matthew, Charles and Rhoda live in Henderson County, Illinois; Jane died in Henderson County, Illinois. James Vaughan, our subject, was married in Henderson COunty, Illinois, April 19, 1855, to Miss Emily P. Redman, a native of that county, born May 23, 1836. They have had nine children born to them -- Mary M., wife of Richard Holmes, of Waterloo City; James R., of Waterloo; Jennie C., wife of Clinton Petrie, of Lincoln Township; Ellsworth died aged nearly two years; Lizzie, wife of James Loonan; Nora M., Matthew C., Arthur C. and willie G., at home. After his marriage Mr. Vaughan resided on a farm in Henderson County, Illinois, where he made his home until March, 1869. He then settled in Black Hawk COunty, Iowa, bringing with him to this county a capital of $8,000, which enabled him to build a fine home and improve his real estate rapidly. His farm is well stocked, and his farm buldings are among the best in his township, where he is ranked among its wealthiest citizens. In politics Mr. Vaughan has always affiliated with the Republican party, casting his first presidential vote for John C. Fremont, his last for James G. Blaine. Mrs. Vaughan's father, Colonel Reason Redman, served in the war of 1812, having command of a regiment under General Harrison. He was one of the pioneers of Burlington, Iowa, and was the first postmaster of that place. He also established a steam ferry there in an early day. He was a prominent man wherever he resided. His death occurred at Burlington, June 15, 1837. Mrs. Vaughan's mother, Mrs. Nancy P. Redman, died in Henderson County, Illinois, December 15, 1861."