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Digging for the Truth 2007

History Channel

Dave played Solon on the 2007 season premier of the series Digging for the Truth on the History Channel. The episode was called "Atlantis: New Revelations" and an Egyptian priest was describing a diagram of the temple of Atlantis to the Greek Philosopher Solon.


Rocket Science 2007

Stars: Reece Thompson and Anna Kendrick

Rocket Science tells the story of a 15-year-old New Jersey boy with a terrible stutter who falls in love with the star of his high schoool debate squad. Dave was an extra in a winter scene in a park where he walks by Reece Thompson who played Hal Hefner. Dave was instructed to wear all black. He walked with a lady on his arm who also wore black. They were supposed to be a Hasidic Jewish couple and Dave wore long-curled sidelocks along with his beard although they are not visible in the scene.


Broken Borough

by Mike Quigley

Broken Borough is a short film written and directed by Mike Quigley. It occurs at the end of the life of the 17th century philosopher Thomas Hobbes. Hobbes had some controversial ideas at the time and was persecuted for them. The film includes a flashback to the life of Hobbes' father 70 years earlier. It is being shot in black and white and will include a voice over narration from the Earl of Devonshire. Dave plays the lead character Thomas Hobbes and the picture on the left is of his costume at the beginning of the movie in London. This scene and a death bed scene were shot in the historic Virginia House in Richmond, Virginia.


State of the Artist 2001

by Edward B. Sherman

State of the Artist is a short film that will be part of a trilogy of films by Edward Sherman. It was shot on a set in the Bernard Gallery building at the Soldiers' and Airmen's Home in Washington D.C. Dave plays the ghost of the artist Camille Pissarro (1830-1903). In the scene as the ghost of Van Gogh says "Artists from the earliest of times still haunt, in both senses of the word, the museums of today. Walking unnoticed amongst the crowds...", Pissarro walks through the gallery looking at the Artist. This is a picture of his costume except they decided to lose the hat. He carries a folded up easel on his back in the scene and a brush in his hand.


Pottersville 2001

by Ben Scholle

Pottersville is a short film written and directed by Ben Scholle. Dave plays the biblical figure Moses in a scene shot on a shaded backyard lawn in Vienna, Virginia. Moses reminds the female lead Jill in a dream sequence to "honor your father and mother" as she is attached to a wooden cross by a video store clerk in a pirate costume. At one point Moses tries to answer his cell phone when a ringing is heard in the dream. Later he gets in a football-like blocking stance to try to prevent Jill from leaving the yard before she rams him with the cross on her back.


Lethal Force 2001

A Divergent Thinking Production

Lethal Force is an independent film produced in Potomac, Maryland by local filmmaker Alvin Ecarma. Dave plays Joe Bob, a Faceless Goon. He gets shot in this entryway by Rita, the female lead. One of the flowers in the picture is blown up in the process. In another scene Dave smokes a pipe in a closeup in a go-go bar playing the "Old Lecher".


The Replacements 2000

Dave worked for six nights (7 PM - 6 AM) as an extra in the stands at the PSInet Stadium in Baltimore on The Replacements. The group of a few hundred extras had to get up and move to one place or another in the stadium (usually the end zones) depending on the scene. Sometimes they had to move or rearrange the "flat people" (picture on right) that filled out the audience. The best part of this experience was networking with the other people while sitting in the stands waiting for the next shot.

Patch Adams 1998

Dave appears in one scene in Patch Adams as an extra. The scene was filmed on a set in a warehouse on Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay. The set is the hospital waiting room and Dave is at the counter giving his information to the receptionist. Patch Adams walks in when a woman is pleading with a receptionist to be able to see her baby. Patch has the white and green shirt on which appears in the picture on this page. It took about 14 hours to shoot the entire scene (the last half was cut) and it lasts less than a minute on the screen. The movie is based on the life of the real Patch Adams who wrote the books featured here. Some pictures on the set.

Deep Impact 1998

Washington Square 1997

Scenes on location in Baltimore for the movie Washington Square.

  • The picture on the right is Dave at the Seagrams plant in his costume as a shopkeeper in 1850.
  • Outside the bowrey bar set. Dave's character sat in a rocking chair stoking the fire and smoking a big long pipe while some people bet on a dog fight nearby. Maggie Smith was in the scene (unfortunately the shot that got into the picture only shows Dave's back - oh well).
  • Some of the other extras on a break
  • Some more extras and crew

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