Screen Actors Guild

Residence:       Cedar Falls, IA

Email:             dave@davenation.com

Home page:     http://www.DaveNation.com/

Film Experience: 
                 Solon on Digging for the Truth (History)   Takoma Park, MD 2007
                 Thomas Hobbes in "Broken Borough"      Richmond, VA 2004
                  Pissarro in "State of the Artist"                 Washington, D.C. 2000
                  Moses in "Pottersville"                             Vienna, VA 2000
                  Old Lecher and Faceless Goon                   
                      in "Lethal Force"                                  Potomac, MD 2000
                  Fan in stands in "The Replacements"        Baltimore, MD 1999
                  Waiting room patient in "Patch Adams"    San Francisco, CA 1998
                  Camera/Audio/Editor/Appeared in video
                      "Bedfords and Loonans in History"      Falls Church, VA 1997
                  Car Driver in "Deep Impact"                     Manassas, VA 1997
                  Man with pipe in "Washington Square"     Baltimore, MD 1996

Theatrical Experience: 
                  Member of Fabulous 50+ Players              Howard County, MD 2000-2007
                  Santa Claus at "Santa's Workshop"           North Pole, NY  2003
                      Santa Claus                                               Maryland/DC area 2000-2007

Singing exper.:     Stanford Symphonic Chorus            Palo Alto, CA 1998
                          Various chorus/choirs                       1963 - Present

Education:   Iowa State University               1970     B.S.     Computer Science
                  The Johns Hopkins University   1979     M.S.     Computer Science
    Courses: "How to make a movie story"     Iowa State University       1969
                  Video production techniques     Boston continuing educ.    1990
                  On camera film acting techniques   John Robert Powers      2003

Day Job:     Retired Computer Systems Engineer

Personal:     Age: 70s     Height: 5' 10"     Weight: 150

Hobbies:    Genealogy, Sculpture, Photography, Web site development, Bird watching