Ranked Choice Voting could save Democracy

Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is a simple change to our method of voting that could transform the elections in this country in many positive ways. Instead of voting for a single candidate, you would vote for a preferred candidate and also for the next best candidate and so on voting for as many as you would like marked in order of your preference as your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. choices.

For example, if there were three people running for an office and your first preference ended up with the least number of votes, your second choice would automatically be counted and you would thus be able to express your preference without "wasting" your vote.

RCV would also eliminate the need for costly runoff elections, as only one round of voting would always result in a single winner.

It would reduce the chance of a candidate with extreme views who was generally unpopular winning an election with less than half of the total votes. It would encourage all candidates to appeal to the whole electorate so as to get their vote even if it was their second or third choice.

More people could run for office without being accused of being a "spoiler" candidate which would encourage more participation in our elections.

Two states and many American cities already use this system of voting.

Rank The Vote is a nationwide, non-partisan, non-profit organization advocating for this needed change in our voting system.

2023 David Nation

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