What's New in Dave Nation's World 

November 2008

Added pictures from our trip to Iowa in January for an Obama rally and an Iowa caucus.

Also pictures from our trip to Italy in September including a festival in Cogolo and Venice.

October 2008

The FrontDoorCam is back. I had to run a direct line through the basement to get it working again.

March 2008

Got the BirdCam working again and moved it to the upstairs window to get a better view of the yard and the stream beyond. Also moved the FrontDoorCam to the back yard area until I can find a way to connect it at the front of the house again.

Reserved the domains backyardbirdcam.net, livebackyardbirdcam.com and livebackyardbirdcam.net. They all are forwarded to the birdcam address at the moment.

Made a birdcam Widget for Yahoo Widgets and a birdcam gadget for iGoogle.

Created a Live Backyard Birdcam blog.

January 2007

Added live BirdCam and FrontDoorCam.

June 2006

Added It's Time for a Change! editorial.

Changed church link from our old church: Dorsey Emmanuel United Methodist Church to our new church: The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Columbia.

January 2004

Added PocketPal page showing Dave's portable pocket sized art pieces..

September 2000

Added Poster Stores to main page and several specialty pages using AllPosters.com.

August 2000

Added several new movies to the movie page.

May 2000

Added chart showing an Analysis of bird migration patterns for the past year to Common Backyard Birds page.

July 1999

Added "Found Madonna Image of the Week" to World's Great Madonnas

June 1999

Added "Birds found Last Week near Hanover, Maryland" to Common Backyard Bird List

January 1999

Added "Found Bird Image of the Week" to Common Backyard Bird List

September 1998

Relocated Dave Nation's World on new web site: DaveNation.com

November 1997

Added link to Tripod web site to publish snapshots from my travels in Dave Nation's Travel Log

September 1997

Added many bird call recordings to the Common Backyard Birds List and started a West Coast section

December 1996

Added WebTOC which gives an interactive hierarchical overview of the Web site. The Table of Contents is generated by a Java program and displayed using a Java applet.
Added thumbnails to World's Great Madonnas collection
New Logo made using Ray Dream Studio and new background image.
VRML version of our house.
New recipe from Cathy (Nation) Williams for Cathy's Extra Good Bread.

August 1996

Pictures from Dave's experience as an extra on the movie "Washington Square"
Added new Nation family recipes

July 1996

Changed order of pictures in Nudes section of Gallery to reflect their rank in number of accesses for the last few months
Added more pictures from my Sculpture class at the Maryland Institute to Dave Nation's Art Gallery
Added pictures to the Dorsey Church page taken with my new digital camera.

March 1996

Added pictures from my Sculpture class at the Maryland Institute to Dave Nation's Art Gallery
Added list of references to David Nation's World pages

December 1995

Martha Nation's World's Great Madonnas collection
We need a National referendum on Congressional perks

June 1995

First guest book entry for Dave Nation's art gallery .

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