The Senate is broken. It's time to ABOLISH the filibuster!!

Legislation in a democratic society should be governed by majority rule (>50%). While the use of the filibuster in the Senate had a noble intention, using it in a routine way by the minority party to block all legislation is a perversion of the original intent of the founding fathers.

The use of the filibuster should be considered a privilage used rarely and not an inaleanable right used routinely. When a privilage is abused it should be taken away!

This country has been abused by the use of the filibuster and it should be abolished.

The purpose of elections is to select representatives to provide legislation for the country. If the majority of representatives support a proposal it should be possible to pass the legislation without needing to get a super majority. If the people don't agree with a majority decision, they have the opportunity in the next election to replace the representatives. It should not be necessary to get the support of 60% to pass a piece of legislation.

2013 David Nation

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